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Enjoy twice-daily safaris in the magnificent jungles of Bandhavgarh National Park or in an open 4x4 safari vehicle at Banjaar Tola guided by our highly experienced expert trained naturalists, who customise the entire jungle experience for you. Learn about the rich biodiversity of Central India from expert naturalists, view great gaurs and spot the star birds of Kanha.

Safaris and Wildlife Viewing Kanha National Parking
Safari Drives

Twice daily Safari Drives are conducted by expert naturalists in specially designed 4X4 vehicles with theatre style seating. Morning safaris start shortly after sunrise. Along with the thrill of tiger tracking, is a memorable stop for a picnic breakfast. Afternoon safaris last a couple of hours and end at sunset. Shortly after day break, the guests at Banjaar Tola get comfortable in specially designed safari vehicles and make their way towards the Kanha National park. Driven by an experienced naturalist the guests are greeted with dense jungles, grasslands laden with mist and a deep orange orb for a sun in the sky; – a typical mystical Kanha morning. Misty cool mornings are a trademark of the region even during the warmer months and make for fabulous photographic opportunities. Kanha is rich in biodiversity with an excellent population of tigers and leopards. The Barasingha (hard ground swamp deer) are the mascots of Kanha and herds can be seen in grasslands as well as in Tals or ponds feeding on aquatic plants. During the breeding season in winter, it is interesting to watch the big males decorate their antlers with leaves and grass to attract a doe. Bird enthusiasts find Kanha a treasure box of winged gems. Scarlet Minivets, Rosy Starlings and the vibrant blue of Indian rollers are startling in their beauty, while some others have amusing calls.

Taj Safaris Expert Naturalists 4x3
Walking Safaris/Nature Trails

A walking safari at Kanha is ideal for adventurers looking for a closer communion with nature. Be it the nature trails offered in the buffer zone of the park or a leisurely nature walk, it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the smaller creatures. Butterflies, dung beetles scurrying about and multitudes of wildflowers are a few of the many delights best discovered on foot. Two excellent walking trails have been created by park authorities in the buffer zone of the national park, running parallel to the jungles of the core zone. A seven kilometre undulating trail travels along the length of a river, past a large rocky patch and small meadows with open woods. Accompanied by a seasoned naturalist and a tracker from the local community, guests have the thrill of watching the Langurs monkeying around and the gentle Gaur browsing in the distance. The jungle cat is an ambush hunter like the tiger. A walk allows guests to admire the feline’s hunting strategy from close quarters as the naturalist interprets each move. The moist ‘nullahs’ (river beds) are prime spots for a profusion of colourful butterflies to watch and photograph.

CSR Activities by Taj at Bandhavgarh 1
Village visit

Visiting a tribal village on the periphery of the Kanha National park is like taking a step back in time. Gond and Baiga are the two prominent tribes found here. These were a hunter –gatherer, forest dwelling communities that practised a harmonious coexistence with nature. Remnants of that lifestyle can still be glimpsed here, although the younger generations are fast adapting to modern ways. Even today the primary source of livelihood of continues to be farming and cattle rearing. Baiga Tola and the nearby Manji tola (tola meaning settlement in Gondi) are two tribal villages that guests often visit. The house proud tribes have artistic mud plastered homes decorated with motifs from nature. Each home is equipped with an animal shed, a wood storage area and a kitchen garden. Tattoos in geometric patterns are sported by women laden with traditional jewellery. Interesting keepsakes can be purchased from the travelling fair that moves from one village to another, each day.

Dining Experience at Banjaar Tola

The Taj Safari lodge in Banjaar Tola is located in pristine jungle environments, where guests have the luxury of viewing a vast expanse of very starry skies. After a day of adventure and excitement in the jungle, watching the brilliant night sky is a very relaxing activity. The constant North Star and the Milky Way are especially exciting to young guests. Listen to interesting trivia and stories as naturalists acquaint you to the life of the night sky.

Wild Kids at Taj Safaris
Junior Naturalist Program

For the adventurous youngsters with a love for all things wild, our Budding Naturalist programme is an interactive curriculum. Usually spanning three to four days, the program can be tweaked depending on the duration of stay. From early morning nature walks and safaris to late evening ‘frogging’ and star gazing sessions, this program covers as many aspects of the wild to get the young brigade on the go early on. At the end of the programme, the children go back with a new appreciation of the natural world, a certificate, a plethora of adventure stories and a feather in their hats.