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As our cities grow and our green areas shrink, our lodges situated in the heart of nature is the perfect setting to rekindle in all a sense of discovery, adventure in the outdoor and a deep rooted love for nature. We engage your children in a range of creatively stimulating activities through our programme for young adventurers

If there was a perfect antidote to children addicted to television and gizmos, it has to be a Taj Safaris naturalist. These passionate ambassadors of nature will spend quality time with your family and inculcate a love for nature that will last a lifetime. With no distracting gadgets many urban kids discover hitherto unexplored wonders – a star lit sky, identifying bird calls, or appreciating the architectural wonder of a termite mound during a nature walk.

Our chefs help kindle the culinary curiosity in kids while teaching them how to  bake cookies through cooking sessions in the lodge kitchen.

With abundant literature about the park and its inhabitants, our cosy library is the perfect interpretive learning space for the children.

Organic Garden at Pashan Garh

A fun afternoon spent at our organic farm will help kids savour the joy of picking out your own vegetables and toss up your own farm fresh salad 

While outings on our speciality designed open 4x4 safari vehicles are thrilling for the kids, you are reassured we have taken every measure to ensure they have safe, comfortable and fun experience.

With customised picnics, excursions and activities, your kids will be spoilt for choice!