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Dining Experiences

The cuisine served at the Taj Safaris lodges is every bit an exploration as the jungle safaris are; albeit of tastes. Each meal is freshly prepared, with home grown ingredients. Meal timings are flexible and no venue needs to be adhered to. Private butlers serve you in the privacy of your room deck, by the pool side or a table for two under the shade of a tree. Influenced by local cooking styles, every dish is a gourmet’s delight. Each lodge at Mahua Kothi boasts of organic kitchen garden growing an assortment of herbs and vegetables. The gastronomic delights at Mahua Kothi are influenced by the Local Baghelkhandi cuisine. Curated menus are light on the stomach, yet high on nutrition to keep guests energised for an action packed day in the park. Baghelkhandi cooking is flavourful and mildly spiced with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Some top local favourites like ‘Laal Bhaji”, (red spinach), rice pudding garnished with Mahua flowers and ‘Kodo’, a variety of local rice among others feature on the Mahua Kothi menu.

Indulgent Breakfast at Mahua Kothi
Bonnet Breakfast

A sumptuous breakfast laid out on the safari vehicle bonnet deep in the jungle. Freshly baked muffins and cookies along with sandwiches, fresh fruit and hot kathi rolls are washed down with freshly plunged coffee or an assortment of teas. A perfect refuelling for the rest of the morning safari.

Fresh Organic Ingredients Mahua Kothi
Rooftop Dining

As dusk falls over the jungle, guests make their way up to the flat terrace of the guest area building to admire the pink glow of the setting sun. Elegantly set tables are placed around the terrace with a common seating area in the middle. Illuminated in a warm glow by lanterns and candles, it is the perfect spot for cocktails and dinner under an indigo sky.

Chawki Dining Experience at Mahua Kothi
Chaupal Dining

‘Chaupal’, is a Hindi term for a community meeting place in a village and usually forms a hub for socialising for locals. The Chaupal at Mahua Kothi is located beside the organic kitchen garden. This clearing with a packed earth floor surrounded by row upon row of tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions and other greens; makes for a most inviting alfresco dining spot.  A dinner here features intimate table set up for guests, a bonfire around which are placed string beds made comfortable with mattresses and bolsters. An old open Jeep forms the bar and guests can watch live spit (skewer) roasting, customary khud (pit) cooking with local Baghelkhandi flavours. Tribal dancers perform an ancient routine and guests are welcome to join in. The ambience recreates an authentic experience of a traditional local feast for guests to enjoy.

Private Dining at Banjaar Tola
Mahua Dinner

A tall Mahua Tree stands at the edge of the grassland alongside a picture perfect lily pond. Tables are set up under the large canopy of this Mahua tree. Lit by lanterns hanging from branches, this intimate setting is most cheerful and inviting in contrast to the darkness after sunset. The Mahua Dinner chiefly features Indian barbecued dishes. Guests watch the chefs deftly manoeuver skewers and breads in the tandoor as they explain the recipes. The Mahua dinner is a unique dining experience accompanied by the occasional calls of frogs from the pond.

Interactive Culinary Sessions at Mahua Kothi
Private Courtyard Dining

Each cottage at Mahua Kothi has a spacious open courtyard where an intimate dining experience is created. A romantic candle lit table is strewn with flower petals while champagne chills in the bucket. Delectable food from a specially created menu is discreetly served by a private butler. It is a memorable jungle dining experience to be shared with loved ones.