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As cities grow and green areas shrink, Mahua Lodge,situated in the heart of nature, helps city children rediscover adventure and a love for nature through a range of creatively stimulating activities.




Our chefs help kindle the culinary curiosity in kids while teaching them how to bake cookies in the lodge kitchen.




A fun afternoon spent at our organic farm will help kids understand science and the environment in an exciting and practical manner.




Watch your child forge unforgettable memories of their holiday surrounded by beautiful birds, sloth bears and rhesus macque… and the very first time they laid eyes on a big cat!



While outings on our specially designed open 4x4 safari vehicles with their own kiddie binoculars are thrilling for the kids, you are reassured we have taken every measure is taken to ensure they have a safe, comfortable and fun experience.




With customised picnics, excursions and activities, your kids will be spoilt for choice!