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Meghauli Serai, Chitwan National Park

Signature Experiences

 Safari Drives at Chitwan National Park 3x2
Safari Drives

Twice daily safari drives are conducted by expert naturalists in specially designed 4X4 vehicles with theatre style seating. Morning safaris at Chitwan starts shortly after sunrise. Along with the thrill of tiger tracking, is a memorable stop for a picnic breakfast. Afternoon safaris last a couple of hours and end at sunset. The dense jungles of Chitwan have large stretches of Sal with a closed canopy. A safari drive through these patches, with trees towering above and reams of sunlight breaking through the thick canopy is an enchanting experience. Seated in a specially designed safari vehicle, guests drive around the jungle, accompanied by a trained naturalist and an experienced tracker from the local community. The one horned Rhinoceros is the star of Chitwan and are usually spotted in open woods and grasslands. Along with mammals, the forest has 56 species of reptiles and amphibians, the most commonly spotted ones being the monitor lizards and pythons. The Gharial crocodiles are highly endangered and the park authorities run a breeding centre for these unusual looking creatures that can be visited while out on a safari drive.

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Walking Safari

A walking safari is ideal for adventurers looking for a closer communion with nature. Be it the nature trails offered in the buffer zone of the park or a leisurely nature walk, it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the smaller creatures. Butterflies, dung beetles scurrying about and multitudes of wildflowers are a few of the many delights best discovered on foot. One of the most exciting activities on offer in Chitwan is the chance to go on a walking safari in almost all areas open for tourism. The walking safari is conducted by the most experienced of naturalists and expert trackers. It is an adventure that requires average levels of fitness and depending on the participants a typical walk may cover a distance of five to ten kilometres. However, guests can request a gentle walk for a shorter distance too. A typical walking safari will be a cross section of dense jungle, grassland and a waterbody. This allows guests an opportunity to see animals and birds from various habitats.

 Canoe Safaris by Taj Safaris
Canoe Safaris

While safari drives and walking safaris let guests see the larger and smaller animals respectively. A canoe ride is an excellent way to enjoy the unique eco system around the rivers and floodplains. Mugger crocodiles and Gharials basking on banks, storks, ducks, kingfishers along with otters, turtles and if lucky, even a fishing cat, are some of the creatures to watch out for. The comfortable wooden oar boats glide noiselessly, manoeuvred by expert oarsmen while naturalists explain the world around the water. The boats are equipped with life jackets and the boatmen are expert swimmers who also act as life guards.

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Elephant Safari

A few gentle elephants are residents at Meghauli Serai and are a constant source of delight to guests. Accompanied by the elephant handler- a ‘mahout,’ guests can take a lumbering ride through the forest. An elephant safari is one of the best options to go off road and close to the Rhino and the charismatic Hog deer. An elephant walk is another activity very popular with guests. Watching an elephant in its natural habitat combined with a slow paced walk as the naturalists interpret the elephant’s behaviour and physiology. Weather permitting; guests have the delightful option of watching the elephants bathe and even joining the giants in the river. After a bath visitors can lend a helping hand feeding the jumbo.

Village visit

The ‘Tharus”, are traditionally a forest dwelling community that have inhabited the Himalayan foothills and are found in the Terai region of Nepal and India. Meghauli is a traditional Tharu village near Meghauli Serai which guests visit along with a naturalist and a local guide to explain each aspect of this culture. The Tharu villages are characterised by homes made of locally sourced materials, usually bamboo plastered with mud and decorated with colourful hand prints. Typically the Tharus live in joint families in a single large dwelling. Each home usually has a cattle shed, pig sty and pigeon houses. The Tharu cuisine is quite distinct with dishes like duck curry, sticky rice and spicy snails. A popular rice based alcoholic drink is ‘Raksi’ often likened to the Japanese ‘Sake’. While this community was isolated for decades, and lived off the forest, a majority of them are now into agriculture, fishing and cattle rearing.

Dining Experiences by Taj Safaris

The Taj Safari Lodge in Meghauli Serai is located in pristine jungle environments, where guests have the luxury of viewing a vast expanse of very starry skies. After a day of adventure and excitement in the jungle, watching the brilliant stars glitter in an indigo sky, is a most relaxing activity. Listen to interesting trivia and stories as your naturalist acquaints you to the life of the night sky.

CSR Activity Taj Safari
Junior Naturalist Programme

For the adventurous youngsters with a love for all things wild, our Budding Naturalist programme is an interactive curriculum. Usually spanning three to four days, the programme can be tweaked depending on the duration of stay. From early morning nature walks and safaris to late evening ‘frogging’ and star gazing sessions, this programme covers as many aspects of the wild to get the young brigade on the go early on. At the end of the programme, the children go back with a new appreciation of the natural world, a certificate, a plethora of adventure stories and a feather in their hats